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1978 herbaceous production study

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Herbaceous productivity studies on the Geokinetics Oil Shale Project Research site in Uintah County, Utah were begun during the summer of 1978. These studies were designed to assess the amount of biomass produced by herbaceous vegetation in each of the vegetation types occurring on the site. Measurements were made in each of the control and treatment plots established for these types. The results given in this report are those obtained from the analysis of data collected during 1978. The chief objective of the herbaceous productivity study is to determine the amount of herbaceous biomass that is potentially available for use by herbivores on the LOFRECO site. As such, these studies are an intergral part of determining the carrying capacity of the site. The data collected from the 1978 study will be used together with other ecological information to provide a functional description of the site. Of particular importance in this synthesis are the data obtained from shrub utilization studies, phytosociological data, and the quantitative descriptions of the physical environment derived from ecoclimatic measurements. Herbaceous productivity will be monitored during the pre and post disturbance phases of the research site development.

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