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Cost-Effective Treatment of Flowback and Produced Waters

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The overall objective of this project is to develop and validate the performance and cost-effectiveness of the integrated precipitative supercritical (IPSC) process to convert flowback and produced water generated by unconventional shale gas wells into a clean water product for reuse as a hydrofracturing fluid or direct discharge. This technology leverages commercial experience with UV treatment, chemical precipitation, high temperature/pressure fluid handling, and an advanced supercritical reactor design and hydrocarbon reforming catalyst developed by OHIO. Objectives for the first phase of the project include completion of UV treatment, chemical precipitation/adsorption, and supercritical water (SCW) testing with individual bench-scale units to validate technical feasibility for the proposed technology and acquire information necessary to design, construct, and operate a pilot-scale IPSC process unit. In the second phase of the project, performance of a pilot-scale IPSC process unit will be demonstrated in order to acquire engineering information necessary to develop detailed techno-economic evaluation and a commercial-scale engineering design package.

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