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Eastern gas shales. [Appalachian, Illinois and Michigan Basins]


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Eastern Gas Shales research has for its goal the development of scientific and engineering knowledge to permit the recovery of natural gas from shale formations that underlie the Appalachian, Illinois, and Michigan Basins. As information was gathered on the geology and chemistry of gas-bearing Devonian shales, studies of well completion and stimulation methods were conducted in the laboratory as well as in the field. Key accomplishments in geologic research are as follows: Geologic and geochemical studies estimated gas resources in place to be 2500 trillions of cubic feet (Tcf) in Appalachian Basin, 85 Tcf in the Illinois Basin, and 76 Tcf in the Michigan Basin. Shale gas resources in the Appalachian Basin were appraised to be between 577 and 1131 Tcf. Screening reports identifying areas favorable for shale gas discovery and development were published and distributed. Over 150 new geologic maps were prepared and distributed to guide shale gas exploration. Geologic and geochemical analyses for 35 cored wells were compiled and published. Key accomplishments in reservoir assessment, diagnostics, fracturing, and production research are as follows: A wireline tool was designed for measuring rock stress at multiple depths in the borehole. The tailored pulse method of stimulation was developed and tested. Guidelines were established for selecting a stimulation method in various regions through the analyses of 95 tests. It was established that prospects for infill well development are widespread. Predictive capability was developed for dual-porosity, dual-permeability shale reservoir. Key accomplishments in technical integration and evaluation are as follows: Completed estimates of technically recoverable gas resources in Ohio for selected stimulation methods. The Drilling Decision Tree System was completed and sent to the National Energy Software Center along with its users manual. 5 figures, 3 tables.

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