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Geochemical Modelling of Acid Gas Injection with Reference to the Zama 08-33-115-6W6 Well

This report details the probable chemical interactions that will occur between the injected acid gas and the host mineralogy. As well, results of physical and chemical modelling of the gas flow are presented. Descriptions of the data required for this analysis and the tools required to evaluate and process this data are given. The modelling consists of four steps. Initially the mineralogical composition of the reservoir is determined. Secondly, analyses of fluids recovered from the reservoir, or other similar local geological structures were obtained and culled based on geochemical considerations. These results integrated to simulate the gas uptake and solution changes associated with fluid/mineral reactions. These results offer insights into the trapping reactions of the acid gas components with time, which were used to define input parameters for the commercial reservoir simulator, GEM® (Computer Modelling Group, Calgary). GEM was used to estimate the spread and compositional changes to the gas composition in the reservoir as the acid gas plume spreads following injection.

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Citation Talman, S., Perkins, E., 2009, Geochemical modelling of acid gas injection with reference to the Zama 08-33-115-6W6 well: Edmonton, Alberta. Canada, Alberta Research Council Inc., March.
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