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Ground-based transient electromagnetic (TEM) data were acquired in selected locations around Belle Creek, Montana to define the resistivity structure of the near surface. Data were acquired using the ABEM WalkTEM system (Guideline Geo Ab, Sundbyberg, Sweden). TEM data were processed and numerically inverted to derive one-dimensional resistivity structure using SPIA (Aarhus Geosoftware, Aarhus, Denmark).

This release includes raw and processed TEM data and resistivity models for each data location using the following structure:

├── Ground-based_transient_electromagnetic_data_and_resistivity_models_for_SubTER_BelleCreek_2017-2018.xml ├── - file geodatabase with all models and plots attached. This is a mirror of the contents of the model directory. └── ├── Data │   ├── SBC_USF - raw data │   │  ├── USF_format_description.pdf - manual describing the USF file format │   │  ├── SBC_SoundingID-USF_lookup.csv - table describing the USF file naming convention and channel mapping │   │  └── .usf files - raw, unprocessed data files │   └── SBC_TEM - processed data │     ├── AarhusInv_manual.pdf - manual describing the TEM file format │     └── .tem files - processed data files └── Models ├── SBC_Model_Plots - plots of the data and the models for each sounding location ├── TEM_model_data_dictionary.csv - data dictionary describing tabulated models └── SBC_TEM_models.csv - tabulated models

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Sponsor Organization USDOE Office of Fossil Energy (FE)
Contact Organization US Geological Survey
DOE Contract Number FE0028320
DOI Number 10.18141/1686080

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Maintainer Benjamin R Bloss
Last Updated December 4, 2020, 16:38 (EST)
Created October 26, 2020, 18:43 (EST)
Citation Benjamin R. Bloss, Wallace Anderson McAliley, Trevor Irons, Yaoguo Li, Nathan Moodie, Richard Krahenbuhl, Michael D.M. Pace, Katrina D. Zamudio, Ground-based_transient_electromagnetic_data_and_resistivity_models_for_SubTER_BelleCreek_2017-2018, 10/26/2020,, DOI: 10.18141/1686080
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Publication Date 2020-10-26
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