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NRAP-IAM-CS Used to Estimate AoR and Impact of Legacy Well Leakage


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Key Findings:

  • NRAP-IAM-CS was used to determine risk-based leakage impacts and the Area of Review at three potential saline CO2 storage sites

  • The risk-based Area of Review was smaller than that determined from analytical calculations for an over-pressurized reservoir

  • NRAP-IAM-CS showed minimal influx of CO2 and brine through legacy wells with no impact to the USDW

  • This study provided an opportunity for testing and improving NRAP-IAM-CS for quantifying risks at CCS sites


Location: Central Appalachian Basin project (Ohio), Michigan

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Citation White SK, S Carroll, S Chu, D Bacon, R Pawar, L Cumming, J Hawkins, M Kelley, I Demirkanli, RS Middleton, J Sminchak, and A Pasumarti. 2020. “A Risk-Based Approach to Evaluating the Area of Review and Leakage Risks at CO2 Storage Sites.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 93:102884. 10.1016/j.ijggc.2019.102884
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