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Passive Seismic Monitoring Tool (PSMT)


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This NRAP tool is for optimal design of microseismic monitoring network using surface or borehole geophones. User inputs include 1D/3D velocity models, the geophone distribution area, and a target-monitoring region. The tool varies the geophone density in the geophone distribution area, and calculates the standard deviation errors of microseismic event locations as a function of the numbers of geophones within the geophone distribution area. The turning point of the curve of the standard deviation error versus the number of geophones corresponds to the number of the geophones and their distribution for optimal/cost-effective microseismic monitoring. This NRAP tool enables field operators of geologic carbon storage to design optimally a microseismic monitoring network using surface and/or borehole geophones for cost-effective microseismic monitoring.

The tool can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems (OS). After obtaining the latest build of the GUI w/logic, unzip/decompress the file in the designated directory to install the tool.

To run the GUI w/logic on Linux, Mac, or Windows OS, open up a command line terminal/console window and navigate to the root directory of the application, and run the java command to start the GUI: ” java -jar NRAP_PSMT.jar ”.

Please refer to the manual for more information.

Associated Publications:

Ting Chen and Lianjie Huang, 2020. Optimal design of microseismic monitoring network: Synthetic study for the Kimberlina CO2 storage demonstration site. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 95, April 2020, 102981.

Yu Chen, Lianjie Huang, and EGS Collab Team, 2019. Optimal design of 3D borehole seismic arrays for microearthquake monitoring in anisotropic media during stimulations in the EGS Collab project. Geothermics, Volume 79, 61-66, 2019.

Notice: Use, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in the Long Form Notice of DOE Contract No. 89233218CNA000001 with TRIAD.

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