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Statistical Analysis of CO2 EOR Production and Injection Data to Examine Ongoing and Ultimate CO2 EOR Incidental Storage

This presentation gives an overview of the statistical analysis of data from 31 existing CO2 EOR projects. CO2 retention, recovery factor, and utilization factor were analyzed with the goal of better understanding the transition between CO2 storage and CO2 EOR. This work also provides insight into potential future CO2 EOR projects. Presented at the 13th Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference (2013).

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Citation Azzolina, N., Gorecki, C.D., Pu, H., Peck, W.D., Ayash, S.C., Melzer, S., Nakles, D., and Chatterjee, S., 2014, Statistical analysis of CO2 EOR production and injection data to examine ongoing and ultimate CO2 EOR incidental storage: Presented at the 13th Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 28 – May 1, 2014.
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