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UGR: ERDA research in Fracturing Technologies

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Paper discussing new technologies - both made and being made - that are intended to assist in extracting natural gasses from eastern gas shales. It also discusses the new potentials provided by technological advances.

From the paper: "Research in fracturing technology for the ERDA organization is structured on (1) the development of new concepts for increasing the deliverability of natural gas from resources that are classified as marginal by present day practices and (2) the testing and transfer of new technology to the private sector. The program at the Morgantown Energy Research Center is centered about their foremost expertise in delineating and utilizing natural and induced fracture systems for enhancement of resource recovery. More recently, the research program has been expanded to include studies of foam fracturing, production history from fractured wells, cost/effectiveness of stimulation treatments and fracture mechanics as support activities for field demonstration projects. The program at the Bartlesville Energy Research Center evolves about their broad experience in stimulation technology in the marginal gas resources of the western U.S. This experience includes nuclear, explosive and more recently, massive hydraulic fracturing stimulation technology."

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    1976 Komar ERDA research in Fracturing Technologies 003.pdf
    Paper discussing new technologies - both made...
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Publication Date 11/19/1976
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