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UGR: Some Practical Considerations in X-Radiography

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A paper about how X-Radiography works and how it could apply to natural gas extraction - particularly in the Devonian shales.

From the paper: "An X-radiograph is a photographic image of the preferential transmission (or absorption) of X-radiation by a solid object. The technique can supply an enormous amount of information with a minimal investment of time and money. However, obtaining high-quality, high-resolution radiographs requires a basic understanding of the process of radiography, and an optimization of a series of experimental parameters. This paper discusses the basic technique, discusses the experimental parameters and their relative effects, demonstrates the capabilities of X-radiography as an analytical technique, and includes an appendix of radiographs of Devonian shale material."

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    1977 Renton Some Practical Considerations in X-Radiography 005.pdf
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