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Updated Regional Technology Implementation Plan for Zama

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The overarching goals of both the Phase II and Phase III PCOR Partnership Zama activities have been to address three primary issues: 1) determination of CO2 and/or H2S vertical migration, or lack thereof, from the pinnacle; 2) development of reliable predictions regarding the long-term fate of injected acid gas; and 3) generation of data sets that will support the development and monetization of carbon credits associated with the geologic storage of CO2 at the Zama oil field.

This report describes the updated regional technology implementation plan for Zama in Phase III.

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Citation Gao, P., Sorensen, J.A., Braunberger, J.R., Doll, T.E., Smith, S.A., Gorecki, C.D., Hawthorne, S.B., Steadman, E.N., and Harju, J.A., 2014, Updated regional technology implementation plan for Zama: Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership Phase III Task 15 Deliverable D86 for U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory Cooperative Agreement No. DE-FC26-05NT42592, EERC Publication 2014-EERC-05-14, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Energy & Environmental Research Center, February.
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