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USGS Water Resources: National Stream Quality Accounting Network and National Monitoring Network Basin Boundary Geospatial Dataset, 2008-13

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From the site: "This dataset and the accompanying Data Series report was created to assist in analysis and interpretation of water-quality data provided by the U.S. Geological Survey, National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN) and the National Monitoring Network (NMN). The report describes the methods used to develop the geospatial data which was primarily derived from the National Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD12). The geospatial data contains polygon shapefiles of basin boundaries for 33 NASQAN and 5 NMN stations. In addition, 30 polygon shapefiles of the closed and noncontributing basins contained within the NASQAN or NMN boundaries where applicable are included. Also included is a point shapefile of the NASQAN and NMN gaging stations and associated basin and station attributes. The basin boundaries included in this dataset are for those sites implemented under the October 2007 design for the 5-years from 2008-2013 ("

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    From the site: "This dataset and the...
    No License Restrictions

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