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This is an Excel file containing a macro written in Visual Basic. The program uses the Pertubed Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory...
A sample of crude oil referred to as "Buttermilk" has been received from an oil company. The density of the Buttermilk has been experimentally...
Density data for n-pentane. Temperature Range: 325K to 520K Pressure Range: 1.8 MPa to 275 MPa
We report experimental density data for a system of light gas, propane, in heavy hydrocarbon, eicosane, at temperatures to 240 °C and pressures to...
Viscosity data for n-decane Pressure Range: 4.7 -238.8 MPa Temperature Range: 303-520 K
Viscosity Data for Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) Pressure range:2.3 - 259.9 MPa Temperature range:298 - 533 K
Viscosity Data for n-eicosane Pressure range:2.0 - 243.1 MPa Temperature range: 323 - 520 K
Viscosity data for n-hexadecane Pressure range: 3.3 - 226.6 MPa Temperature range: 303 - 520 K
Viscosity Data for Krytox GPL 102 (Perfluoropolyether Oil) Pressure range:8.0 - 245.1 MPa Temperature range: 311 - 533 K
Viscosity Data for n-octadecane Pressure range: 6.4 - 243.1 MPa Temperature range: 323 - 520 K
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